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Papers referenced with roman numerals can be found in the present volume: Huberman, Bernardo (ed.), Ecology of Computation (Elsevier Science Publishers/North-Holland, 1988).

[I] Miller, Mark S., and Drexler, K. Eric, "Comparative Ecology: A Computational Perspective", this volume.

[II] Miller, Mark S., and Drexler, K. Eric, "Markets and Computation: Agoric Open Systems", this volume.

[III] Liskov, Barbara, "Guardians and Actions: Linguistic Support for Robust, Distributed Programs", this volume.

[IV] Rashid, Richard F., "From RIG to Accent to Mach: The Evolution of a Network Operating System", this volume.

[V] Kahn, Kenneth, and Miller, Mark S., "Language Design and Open Systems", this volume.

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[17] Hirsh, Susan, Kahn, Kenneth M., and Miller, Mark S., Interming: Unifying Keyword and Positional Notations (Xerox PARC, Palo Alto, CA, 1987) in press.

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