Agorics, Inc.

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Agorics, Inc.

Secure eBusiness Solutions


Agorics, Inc., a computer security software products and professional services organization, specializes in providing secure solutions which integrate electronic business (eBusiness) into daily corporate operations. Agorics' clients are able to realize the promise of the information age to spearhead dramatic productivity improvements in a wide variety of areas that translate directly into increased profits. These benefits accrue because of Agorics' proven expertise in requirements gathering, analysis, systems design, development, testing, and integration are leveraged in both our software product and our professional services offerings.

Agorics (from the Greek word agora meaning open market place) focuses on the mission critical, high availability, secure, distributed systems required in today's Internet business environment. Our expertise in corporate computer and network security, along with network-based, business-to-business transactions and information exchange, delivers real solutions. Agorics' employees have authored ten patents fundamental to secure electronic commerce. Agorics has built on these technologies in our product direction along with providing comprehensive services through a dedicated team with proven expertise in economics, security, and advanced Internet technology.

Agorics: Secure solutions for the internet economy.

Last updated: January 11, 2004