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About Agorics Inc.


Electronic Business and Security

Electronic business offers tremendous potential for increasing corporate efficiency and profit. Corporations are addressing these opportunities in areas from supply chain management to eMail to electronic invoicing and payment. Although the potential benefits are enormous, re-engineering for electronic business presents challenges. The first and foremost of these is security. Opening Intranets to eBusiness applications exposes corporate resources formerly protected by isolation to attack via the Internet. Yet Internet connection is the key to the enhanced profitability virtually guaranteed by eBusiness.

Agorics provides security solutions that allow online, multi-corporation cooperation with appropriate levels of privacy and security for all parties. These solutions address the key elements of security: identifying application vulnerability, developing a comprehensive network and application security architecture, deploying appropriate secure systems, installing eMail management and encryption, and evolving business processes to take better advantage of corporate productivity tools in areas such as inventory management, invoicing and payments, and employee benefits administration.

Implementing eBusiness transactions while protecting the corporate network requires security in the areas of Electronic Mail, Electronic Payments, On-line Markets, and Systems Engineering. Agorics has worked extensively with partners in all of these areas, and understands the business challenges as well as the technologies. Building on this experience and proprietary intellectual property, Agorics has been developing a suite of security products, beginning with GuardPoste secure email server. Agorics can also analyze corporate requirements and rapidly develop customized infrastructure systems to meet other corporate business needs.

Client Profile

Agorics' client base consists of large, market-leading corporations such as IBM, Sun Microsystems Inc., Fujitsu Open Systems Solutions, Inc., and Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. These leaders recognize the growing importance of electronic commerce, and are prepared to invest in the technology development necessary to support an electronic commerce industry.

Company History

Agorics, Inc. was founded by a team with a shared vision of the opportunities for electronic business applications. Independent of outside investors, the company incorporated in the State of California in January of 1994. The company stock is privately held by founders and employees. Agorics has successfully self-funded all its efforts to date.

Agorics' initial efforts concentrated on building a development team, establishing relationships with corporate partners, and generating contracts. Each contract supported a sharing of intellectual property, while contributing to building the underlying technology infrastructure necessary for electronic commerce. Emphasis was also placed on establishing a reputation and presence in the electronic business community, leveraging the extensive experience of the staff in computer security, microeconomics and networks, and laying the groundwork for future work in the growing electronic commerce arena. During 1996, Agorics obtained independent licensing rights for the technology developed in the early contracts and continued to build its software design and development consulting business. In parallel, Agorics independently created other patents and technology. Agorics has also obtained the licensing rights for a patented, secure server technology that was initially developed at Tymshare Inc., and used in its high performance credit card transaction processing business. Agorics is integrating this with Java for an ultra-reliable, secure, high-performance server to support email, firewalls, financial transactions, payments, medical information and other server-based transaction applications with high security and availability requirements.

The Agorics Staff: Our Competitive Advantage

The core of the Agorics technical team has worked together on various software development projects for many years. These projects include electronic payment systems, distributed database systems, network communications facilities, programming support tools and development environments, support for computational markets, smart card payments over networks, and secure, distributed programming languages and environments.

Agorics' system architects and developers share a highly developed knowledge pool, and a demonstrated history of working together effectively to develop software solutions. This characteristic of the development staff, combined with familiarity with a central design and work strategy and shared experience on a variety of large-scale projects, enabled Agorics to begin its existence with a number of strategic corporate partnerships already in place for creating tools, systems, techniques, and documents relevant to electronic commerce solutions.

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