Abend - What happens if os simulation breaks (p3,osbroke)

Abridged Trap Code - (p1,atc)

Access Path - Nodes and Keys involved with memory access (p1,accesspath)

Account - (p2,account)

Activation Record - (p3,actrec)

Activation Set (p2,maskset)

Adding keys to the LUD (p2,addlud)

ADDLUDKEY - (p2,addlud)

ADDLUDKY command (p3,addludky)

Administration Tools - for system maintaince (p2,admin)

Administrator - (p2,sysadmin)

Alleged-Type - a code for conventions that an entry follows. (alleged)

Alleged Key Type Table - table of assigned alleged types (akt)

ALWAYS - domain which always returns (p2,always)

ANNALIST to record key invocations (p2,annalist)

Application Monitor - See (applmon,)

Argument page - (p1,argpage)

Argument string - (p1,argpage)

Assembler language facilities - (p3,asmintf) & (p2,asmh)

Audit - (audit)

Auditor - Command system that remembers (p2,auditor)

AUXDEF - (p3,auxdef)

AUXFILE - (p3,auxfile)

Auxillary Circuits - Now: (p2,getcircuitc) Proposed: (p2,auxcir-license);

AUXMANGRC - (p2,auxmangrc)

Available - State of a domain. Enterable with a start key. (p1,dsterm)