Valid Meter - The Primordial meter or meter that points to a valid meter (p1,vmeter)

Value objects and value keys - (p2,vo)

VBSTIOC - (p2,vbstioc)

Virtual Domain Keeper Creator - (p2,vdkc)

VCSK - (p2,vcsk)

VDKC - Virtual Domain Keeper Creator (p2,vdkc)

Virtual Branch Creator - See SYSP (p2,sysp)

Virtual constructs - (syncon)

VM (Virtual Machine) - (cpsim)

VM Groups (Communicating Virtual Machines) - (vmgroups)

VMCOMM - (vmcomm)

VMGIUCVP - IUCV path key for VM groups (<p3,vmgiucvp)

VMGIUCVPF - IUCV path key factory for VM groups (p3,vmgiucvpf)

VMGROUP - (p3,vmgroup)

VMGROUPF - (p3,vmgroupf)

VMGVMCFF - VMCF path Factory for VM group (p3,vmgvmcff)