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Everyone is Talking about Electronic Money

Financial Services Technology Consortium has a great deal of knowledge about banking and electronic commerce.

"Electronic Payment Systems" by Dr. Phillip M. Hallam-Baker of the World Wide Web Consortium is an extensive collection of online references to electronic cash.

This is a collection of papers about Payment Mechanisms Designed for the Internet.

The NetBill Electronic Commerce Project at CMU.

This page has links to Security Resources as well as Electronic Cash Information.

Another extensive collection of information (and papers) about Internet Security.

Here are Some Good General Economic Sites:

Hal Varian, currently working with the University of California at Berkeley, has a web page that looks as though it's connected to everthing on the internet that's related to economics. It's very interesting, and very big.

A variety of economics topics collected at Duke University

Capability Technology

EROS, (Extremely Reliable Operating System) is an alternative system based on the KeyKOS technology developed by Agorics employees.

Norm Hardy, Agorics' Chief Architect, has a collection of micro-essays on capability theory. is the home of E, a language for writing secure, distibuted, capability-based p2p scripts. E is partially based on Agorics work on the Joule language.

A Security Kernel Based on the Lambda-Calculus is a discovery of capability security as a natural outcome of good language design. A postscript version of the paper is available here.

Relevant Technical Papers

Glyn Davies: The History of Money
Jim Miller: E Money Mini-FAQ
Xerox Parc staff: Multiagent Systems
Nicholas Economides: The Economics of Networks
Vannevar Bush : As We May Think

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Last updated: 19 July 2001