C0, C1, ... Domain components - (p1,domnotat)

Call - type of key invocation (p1,call)

Card Reader (p2,card-reader)

CALLSEG - A segment sensing service (p2,callseg)

CCK - (p2,cck)

CCK2 - (p2,cck2)

CCK3 - (p2,cck3)

CCK5 - (p2,cck5)

CCK6 - (p2,cck6)

Charge Set (Full) - (p1,chrgset).

Charge Set (Simple) - (p2,soon-sets).

Checkpointing the System - (p1,checkpoint), (p2,checkpoint)

Checkpointing Segments - (p3,segcheck)

CHGLUDKY - Change LUD key command (p3,chgludky).

CKERN - A key to write an IPLable kernel. (p2,ckern)

CLOCK - Time services (p2,clock)

CMDFILE - simple command file command (p3,cmdfile)

COBOL programming facilities - (p3,cobolf)

Command Language Interpreter - (p2,cli)

Command Language Interpreter selection (p2,switch-command-system)

Command System - (p3,cmdlang)

Command System Creator - (p2,cmdsysfact)

Compressed Encipherement - (p2,ce)

CONFIG - (p2,config)

Confinement - (p3,confine)

Consistent - attribute of segment. (p3,segprop)

Console - an operator console key (p3,console)

Consuming - State of co-routine (p3,procom)

Context Switcher - A provider of separate command system contexts (p2,cswitchc)

Conventions - (p3,conv)

Conversion Utilities - data format conversion -(p2,converters)

Copying - (p2,copy)

Co-routine - (p3,coroutine)

CP message key (p2,diag8) - in sysnode (p2,cpm)

CP simulator - (p3,cpsim)

CP Message command - (p2,diag8)

CPGCOMM - (cpgcomm)

C-slot - Cached slot (p3,kjumpa)

CSWITCHC - (p2,cswitchc)