Gate (Key) - Start key or Resume key. (p1,gatetype)

General Key Registers - The direct capabilities of a domain (p1,genkeys)

General Keys Node - Part of Domain (p1,domannex)

General Register Node - Part of Domain (p1,domannex)

GETCIRCUITC - (p2,getcircuitc)

GNFDEF - FILEDEF Factory (p2,gnfdef)

GNOBIBMx - Factory code for OS environment using binder (p2,gnobibm)] See also (p2,gnobibma), (p2,gnobibmb), (p2,gnbc)

GNOFIBM - Factory code for OS (p2,old-osfactory)

Gratis - (core already bought) (p1,gp)

GRCV - Transfer mechanism from CMS (p2,grcv)

GSEND - (p2,gsend)

Guard - Part of space bank system (p2,guard)