Object - A particular value of an abstract data type (p1,object)

Obstacle - (p1,ob)

Official - Attribute of space bank (p2,sbtp)

Operations - (oper)

Order Code - 32 bit number passed thru gate (p1,ordercode)

Ordinal - a Factory feature (p2,ord1)

OS Domain Keeper - provides simulation for OS programs - (ossim-logic,os-domkey)

OS factory environments (p2,osfactories)

OS I/O Simulation restrictions (p3,osiorestrict)

OS Macro support - (p3,osmacro)

OS Simulation - (p3,ossim)

OS SVC support - (p3,ossvc)

OSCOM - communication with OS simulator (p2,oscom)

OSFACT - a command to create a factory for an OS program (osfactcmd)

OSFD - Filedef from program (p2,osfd)

OSFLOAD - a command to make an object from an OS factory (osfload)

OSLOAD - a key to an OS loader service (p2,osload)

OSSIMF - Factory for OS environments (p2,ossimfact)

OSSIMFB - Factory for OS environments using Binder (p2,ossimfb)