S - PL/I function (p3,s-func)

SBT - Space Bank Transformer (p2,sbt)

Scheduler - (p2,supsched) {& (p1,priority)}, (admeter)

Security Policy - (p3,security)

Segment - Array of Pages (p1,segment)

Segment Accessor - New name for CALLSET (p2,callseg)

Segment Checkpointing - (segcheck)

Segment Fault - Implicit call to segment keeper (p1,segkeepcall)

Segment Keeper - (p1,segkeepslot)

Segment Key - (p1,segmodekey) & (p2,segjump)

Segment Node - A node used to define a segment (p1,segnode)

Segmode Key - Segment, node, fetch or sense key (p1,segmodekey)

SEMACC - Semaphore Creator (p2,semacc)


Sense Key - (p1,sense-int) & (p2,sense)

Sensory Key - class of key (p2,sensory)

Sensory Version of Key - Transformation of Key (p2,sensory-ver)

Sever - an operation for reallocation of pages and nodes (p2,sever)

SI - PL/I function (p3,si-func)

SIAF - Small Integer Allocator Factory (p2,sialloc)

SIK - (p2,sik)

SIK2 - (p2,sik2)

SIK3 - (p2,sik3)

SIK5 - (p2,sik5)

SIK6 - (p2,sik6)

Simple Loader - See SLOAD (p2,sload)

SK1 - A segment keeper (p2,fs)

SLOAD - Simple loader (p2,sload)

Slot - A variable in a node whose value is a key (p1,nodeintro)

Slow Data Channels - (sdc)

SLW - String Length Wanted (kc) & (ldenbl)

Small Integer Allocator Factory - (p2,sialloc)

Smart Producers - (p2,sp)

SNC - Super Node Creator (p2,snodecr)

SNRC - Secondary Name Record Collection - (p2,snrc)

SNRCF - Secondary Name Record Collection Factory - )<p2,snrcf>)

Snode - Place to keep mans keys - (p2,snode)

SOK - (p2,sok)

SOK2 - (p2,sok2)

SOK3 - (p2,zm)

SOK5 - (p2,sok5)

SOK6 - (p2,sok6)

Space Bank - for new pages and nodes (p2,bank)

Space Bank Transformer - (p2,sbt)

Spage - Kernel implemented 64 K segment (p2,spage)

Sponsored Segments - (spon)

SRUP - (p2,srup)

ssc - Segment Size Code (p1,ssc)

Stalling - (p1,stall)

Stack Frame - (p3,actrec)

Stand Alone Dumps - Last resort kernel debugging (sadump)

Start Key - Capability necessary to jump to a available domain (p1,entry)

STRCCC - Segment to Record Collection Convertor Creator (p2,strccc)

Structurally Discreet - (p3,struct-disc)

Substitution Regime - (p3,sub-regime)

Super Node - Snode (p2,snode)

Supplementary Systems - Operating system functions that are not in the kernel (p1,suppintro) & (p2,supp)

SWITCHC - Switcher Creator (p2,switchc)

Switcher - (terminal multiplexor) (p2,switcher)

SWOMBLIST - Service keys to early domains (p2,swomblist)

Synergism - Power of two keys together exceed sum of each (p1,synergism)

Syntax for key call specifications - (p1,syntax)

Synthetic constructs - (syncon)

Synthetic Domain Keys - (synkeys) & (syndom)

SYSADMIN - System Administrator's user name (p3,sysadmin)

Sysnode - The keys to the Kingdom (p2,sysnode)

SYSPC - for output to terminal (p2,sysp)

System Administrator - (p3,sysadmin)

SYSTOOL - (p2,admin) & (p2,systool)